Native Pools of Florida

Native Pools of Florida


  • Native Pools of Florida

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  • published 1940



"Many a flower is born to blush unseen...."

The question regarding desert flowers applies no less aptly to plants
whose beauty is hidden beneath the water's surface. These unseen flowers,
however, constitute an important branch of Florida horticulture, for the
trade in aquatic garden stock is an infant industry only by comparison to
leading agricultural pursuits.

Most of the water plants grow wild, but a few, particularly those
not native to the State, are cultivated for the market. The demand for
submerged varieties lies principally in specimens for aquariums. While
these are not grown for visual effect, some of them are the most beautiful
of all.

The waters of Florida are rich with every conceivable kind of plant
life necessary to create an ideal garden pool. The amateur may start on an
even footing with commercial florists and horticulturists. A pool can be
built at small cost, affording at the same time a hobby both interesting and
educational, and which in time may even produce some profit.

Some aquatic plants grow out of the water, others float upon the
surface, and still others are entirely submerged. A well-balanced pool
should contain all three types. The submerged varieties are visible only in
clear pools and are used chiefly to purify the water.