Native Palms of Florida

Native Palms of Florida


  • Native Palms of Florida

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  • published 1940


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Most of the coconut trees in Florida were planted or descended from planted
stock. They are now grown commercially in the State mainly to supply the
demand for horticultural purposes. The lower west coast of Florida is the only
place in the continental bounds of the United States where copra is produced
commercially. In the Ten Thousand Island region, coconuts are gathered from
the wild palms and the meat cured into copra.

Burned coconut shells make the best charcoal for gas masks. The
United States War Department lists them as one of the indispensable
commodities in time of war. The dried kernel of the coconut, known as copra,
yields oil used in the manufacture of candles, cooking oil, soap, oleomargarine
and substitutes for butter.