• Gasparilla

Published Date

  • published 1940


that they might be educated in the social graces of old Spain. A treasure
of gold bound in chests of copper accompanied them. About forty miles
off the coast of Boca Grande, Gasparilla and his blood-thirsty crew
overtook their ship. After a hand-to-hand fight, the crew of the
merchantman were killed, the gold commandeered, and the princess with
the all Mexican girls taken captive.

Gasparilla kept the princess, the Mexican girls were divided
among his men. But it was necessary to Gasparilla's ego that the woman
he chose should also desire him. The princess spurned the attentions of
the pirate chief and he, angered, swore that if she did not return his
affections of her own free will she would be beheaded.

Gomez, that same night, drew a map, giving the burial place of
the Spanish girl, and the two men, investigating the story, found the
grave where Gomez indicated, and in it the skeleton of a beheaded