Florida 'Gator

Florida 'Gator


  • Florida 'Gator

Published Date

  • published 1940


if fed to dogs, will both cure or prevent mange.

Many colorful stories are told of the 'gator and his diet, several of
which were recorded in a chronicle of 1872.

"Killed a large alligators the stomach contained a boot, a
piece of pine wood and a fisherman's float and some small
fish." Immediately beneath this was another which probably
some wag had contributed: "March 24, killed a much bigger
alligator than the mentioned above: The stomach contained a
gold watch, $10,000 in government bonds, and a cord of
wood." On the next page: "Shot the biggest alligator ever
known in "Florida: the stomach contained the remains of a
steam launch, a lot of old railway iron and a quantity of
melted ice, proving that it existed during the glacial epoch."