The Florida Flamingo

The Florida Flamingo


  • The Florida Flamingo

Published Date

  • published 1940


birds seen in Florida were migratory visitors from islands farther south.

In 1890 a flock of about 1,000 was seen in the shallow bays 18
miles east of Cape Sable and 12 years later another flock of the same size
was observed in the same region. Since 1902 a few small wild flocks
have been reported. In January 1910 a native hunter saw a small number
on Cotton Key; and in 1916 four birds were seen on Upper Matecumbe

The latest record of the appearances of wild flamingos on the
Florida mainland was at Lake Worth, Palm Beach County, in 1905. In
1931, G. F. Sirman, curator of the Opa Locka Zoological Garden, saw a
flock on the Keys near Card Sound, an experience about which he

"It was about four o'clock in the afternoon. There were 14 birds in
all, and they were wading around in the water by the side of the road.
This was about a quarter of a mile north of the Cord Sound bridge and
near the Dade County line. The flamingos were so tame and I was so
surprised to see them there that I stopped the car and walked back to get a
closer view. Two of them seemed wilder than the other 12 and would not
let us approach so closely, but 12 of them let us get within 20 feet. I went
back to the car and got some bread from my lunch box and threw it to
them. They took it in their bills, squirted water through it for a little while,
then ate it. They seemed to be very tired and hungry and I have always