WWI Service Roster for the 1st Infantry (Florida), Co. M, 1917

WWI Service Roster for the 1st Infantry (Florida), Co. M, 1917


World War For Liberty
United States Army
1st Infantry (Florida), Company M
Camp Wheeler, Macon, Ga.

Colonel S.C. Harrison, Lieutenant Colonel J.P. Coombs, Major George B. Seavey, Captain Francis M. Turner, First Lieutenant Mallie Martin, Second Lieutenant Royal D. Watts.
First Sergeant Harry Pilips, Supply Sergeant John A. Gilbert, Mess Sergeant Jerome Carter. Sergeants: Amos W. Gainey, Wesley J. Powell, G.H. Asbell, M.M. Hendrix. Corporals: Vinson Holson, B.L. Ward, Fred Knowles, Dewey Miller, Franz Siebert, Clifton T. Rowden, Thomas Torgerson, Jack Wirth, Joseph M. McKinney.
Cooks: Ed Stephens, Perry E. White. Mechanic L.B. Crandell, Buglers: Van Horn C. Proctor, Walter Bowen. Privates, 1st Class: Lee Cotton, Eugene F. Grace, Ralph W. McCandliss, Fred N. Mapes, Jacob L. Sims, John L. Smith, C.C. Cobb, Harry Gainer, John W. Pennington, Furman Rogers, M.E. Valentine.
Privates: Walter G. Adkinson, A. Colla Ard, Lawrence Bell, Joshua A. Bray, Amphion A. Brown, Orval Cluster, Joe Cogburn, Henry Curlee, James R. Daffin, John A. Davis, Bryon Dickey, Harris P. Dolstrum, Henry F. Donalson, Charlie Edinfield, Allie J. Elmore, Cassie Elmore, Albertus Fox, Fred Gilbert, Henry G. Gilmore, James R. Givens, Frank Givens, Lenox P. Gore, William H. Gore, Harry G. Grace, Pasco E. Hall, Joseph S. Hammac, John J. Hand, Thrasher J. Hand, Charles W. Harrison, James S. Harrison, Fred H. Herndon, William F. Hightower, Charlie M. Hobart, James M. Hollis, Gilbert E. Jones, Christ Kelson, Joseph R. Kirvin, William E. Lambert, Lewis T. Lemieux, Ira D. Little, William S. Little, Charles C. Mack, Nelson Mapes, Rowland Mason, M.E. Merrill, Lemuel Miller, Raymond J. Milligan, Charles C. McCormick, Oscar F. McCormick, Willie R. McGill, Adrain McNair, Willie G. Nolan, William O'Connor, Charlie Padget.
Privates: Green W. Parker, Ellis Roberts, Albert D. Ross, David H. Scott, Eugene F. Seale, Emmit Silcox, John W. Silcox, Edward J. Sims, Willis J. Smith, John F. Soloman, John W. Steward, William Stokes, John H. Strange, Van C. Strange, R.W. Truesdale, Robert Tully, M.P. Walsingham, Ruben C. Ward, James White, Claud Williams, Carry F. Wilson, Victor Marshal, Jack Lock, Millard Melvin, Gaines Destin, Elisha Maler, Jack Hardwick.


State Archives of Florida: Collection M89-33, Box 01


This poster contains a roster of the officers, enlisted members, and field grade officers of United States Army, 1st Infantry (Florida), Company M. The poster is decorated with a picture of President Woodrow Wilson, the flags of the United States and the Allied Powers, and depictions of the various branches of the Army and Navy.


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