Voter Registration Rolls, 1867-68

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Voter registration rolls for 1867, 1868.

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S 98


Florida. Office of Secretary of State.


Voter registration rolls for 1867, 1868.


7.00 cubic ft.



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In order to facilitate the restoration of the government of the confederate states, Congress passed an Act on March 23, 1867, calling for a registration of qualified voters.  These voters would then elect delegates to a convention for the purpose of establishing a constitution and civil government.  A qualified voter had to be male, over twenty-one years of age, a resident of the county, and had to take an oath of allegiance to the U.S. Government. 


The series contains the existing voter registration rolls for 1868 and is particularly significant as this was the first time blacks were allowed to register to vote in Florida.  The type of information in most volumes includes:  date, name, race, time of residence in county and state, native (of what state) and naturalization (where, when and how).  It should be noted that the series is not complete, only 19 Florida counties are represented.

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