Voter Registration Rolls, 1867-68

Volusia County [view all counties]

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Name Race Precinct
Aiken, JohnwhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Arnett, Oliver C.whitePrecinct Precinct 1 (Enterprise)
Barclay, JohnblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Barnwell, WashingtonblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Bealey, EliwhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Bennett, Daniel D.whitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Bennett, James L.whitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Birney, PeterblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Branam, GaleblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Brock, JacobwhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Brooke, Jackson D.whitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Brown, EbenblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Brown, FrankblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Brown, GeorgeblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Cannon, JameswhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Canty, DavidblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Chandler, John L.whitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Clipper, JacksonblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Conner, Lewis M.whitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Cook, Samuel J.whitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Curry, AndrewblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Daugherty, JameswhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Davis, JoshuablackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Dial, GeorgewhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Emanuel, AmoswhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Emanuel, AsawhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Ford, ThomaswhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Freeman, AnthonyblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Goodwin, BarneyblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Goodwin, BristoweblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Gosey, CharlesblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Gunn, FrancisblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Gunn, JohnblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Gunn, SolomanblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Jenkins, DanielblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Jenkins, JulyblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Jones, HarrisonwhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Lee, PeterblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Long, ReddingwhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Long, Wililam R.whitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Long, WilliamwhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Marks, AnthonyblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Marsh, ReubenwhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
McBirney, AlfredblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Morgan, Marlan M.whitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Nesbit, Thomas G.whitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Osteen, BryantwhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Osteen, JohnwhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Paget, JohnwhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Prevatt, Charles M.whitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Prevatt, James H.whitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Rawlins, BenjaminwhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Rawlins, WilliamwhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Rivers, WilliamwhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Roan, WylieblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Robinson, IsaacblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Robinson, PeterblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Russell, Henry J.whitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Sapp, ElijahwhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Sauls, GeogewhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Self, JesseblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Sheppard, WilliamwhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Shields, RobertwhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Stark, AnthonyblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Stark, FrancisblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Suber, AllenblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Teston, Ruel B.whitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Thayer, WilliamwhitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Tompson, HenryblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Vast, HenryblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Vinzant, James J.whitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Walsteen, NelsonblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Watkins, DarbyblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Watson, William B.whitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
White, PrimusblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Wiggins, HenryblackPrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Yates, William M.whitePrecinct 1 (Enterprise)
Adams, CharlesblackPrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Alverson, PaulblackPrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Baker, Joseph F.whitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Baker, Robert C.whitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Blackwelder, JeremiahwhitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Britt, AnguswhitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Britt, MorriswhitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Brooke, Rufus D.whitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Canova, RamonwhitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Clifton, DanielwhitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Clifton, HenrywhitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Davis, AlfredwhitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Davis, IssacwhitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Edmund, HenryblackPrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Garrett, CharneywhitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Glenn, John R.whitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Gruver, John A.whitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Hall, Nathan C.whitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Hall, William W.whitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Hogans, Archibald N.whitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Hyers, David O.whitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Jones, John J.whitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Jones, RobertwhitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Kelley, Thomas P.whitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Lungren, Henry G.whitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Martin, JameswhitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
McCullar, CalvinwhitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Mineshew, WilloughbywhitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Minshew, William B.whitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Newmans, MorriswhitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Richards, Joseph C.blackPrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Richardson, BenjaminwhitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Richardson, Lewis M.whitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Rimer, GospelwhitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Roberts, James M.whitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Roberts, Robert W.whitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Sandlin, James L.whitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Sauls, JameswhitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Simmons, Abram B.whitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Smith, Henry A.whitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Turner, OwenwhitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Underhill, JosephwhitePrecinct 2 (Volusia)
Adams, AlbertblackPrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Black, RichardwhitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Brown, Jesse H.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Bryan, Joseph D.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Clay, Myron H.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Cummings, Albert R.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Daniels, Milton H.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Dobey, EpriamblackPrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Floyd, JackblackPrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Fowler, James H.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Frazier, GeorgeblackPrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Green, JosephblackPrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Hawks, John M.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Holland, WilloughbywhitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Hoyt, Alonzo A.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Kinchan, CesarblackPrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Lewis, MorrisonwhitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Lewis, RichardblackPrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Maley, John C.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
McDaniel, Edward A.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Mier, CeliawhitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Mollison, John H.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Moore, John E.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Morris, DavidblackPrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Morris, EdwardblackPrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Mothershed, LeviwhitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Nelson, DavisblackPrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Osborn, Spencer C.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Pacetty, Bartolo C.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Richardson, JohnblackPrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Roberts, William R.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Rollerson, WilliamblackPrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Smith, Charles F.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Smith, IsrealblackPrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Sutton, Christopher C.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Tayler, JacksonblackPrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Thompson, EdwardblackPrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Tolliver, HenryblackPrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Vass, James F.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Vass, Richard W.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Vass, Thomas J.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Watson, AlexanderblackPrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Wickware, David T.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Wickware, Henry A.whitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Yelvington, AaronwhitePrecinct 3 (Spruce Creek)
Bryan, Philemon N.whitePrecinct 4 (New Smyrna)
Curley, JeffersonblackPrecinct 4 (New Smyrna)
Dummott, DouglaswhitePrecinct 4 (New Smyrna)
King, CharlesblackPrecinct 4 (New Smyrna)
Loved, Edmund K.whitePrecinct 4 (New Smyrna)
Pierce, WashingtonblackPrecinct 4 (New Smyrna)
Sheldon, Rhodolphus S.whitePrecinct 4 (New Smyrna)
Williams, Caleb W.whitePrecinct 4 (New Smyrna)
Williams, SamuelblackPrecinct 4 (New Smyrna)
Williams, WilliamblackPrecinct 4 (New Smyrna)
Yeates, JosiahwhitePrecinct 4 (New Smyrna)
Burnham, Mills O.whitePrecinct 5 (Sand Point)
Carlie, David N.whitePrecinct 5 (Sand Point)
Carlie, James A.whitePrecinct 5 (Sand Point)
Carlie, Lawrence J.whitePrecinct 5 (Sand Point)
Crooker, HartleywhitePrecinct 5 (Sand Point)
Faber, AlbertwhitePrecinct 5 (Sand Point)
Harrison, JohnwhitePrecinct 5 (Sand Point)
Joyner, John W.Precinct 5 (Sand Point)
Reditt, John B.whitePrecinct 5 (Sand Point)
Reditt, John J.whitePrecinct 5 (Sand Point)
Wilson, HenrywhitePrecinct 5 (Sand Point)
Blackwelder, TobiaswhitePrecinct 6 (Haw Creek)
Clifton, Daniel Jr.whitePrecinct 6 (Haw Creek)
Clifton, Francis M.whitePrecinct 6 (Haw Creek)
Clifton, HenrywhitePrecinct 6 (Haw Creek)
Clifton, JohnwhitePrecinct 6 (Haw Creek)
Clifton, John A.whitePrecinct 6 (Haw Creek)
Coffin, John D.whitePrecinct 6 (Haw Creek)
Goodman, MarionwhitePrecinct 6 (Haw Creek)
Griffin, FisherwhitePrecinct 6 (Haw Creek)
Hall, JameswhitePrecinct 6 (Haw Creek)
Harper, Franics D.whitePrecinct 6 (Haw Creek)
Hull, James F.whitePrecinct 6 (Haw Creek)
Raulerson, William T.whitePrecinct 6 (Haw Creek)
Smith, John W.whitePrecinct 6 (Haw Creek)
Smith, RichardwhitePrecinct 6 (Haw Creek)
Smith, William A.whitePrecinct 6 (Haw Creek)
Sterling, ThomaswhitePrecinct 6 (Haw Creek)
Tedder, HughwhitePrecinct 6 (Haw Creek)
Causey, Erastuswhite7 (Harris)
Fussell, Berrian A.white7 (Harris)
Fussull, Jacob A.white7 (Harris)
Harris, Alfredwhite7 (Harris)
Harris, Ebenezer H.white7 (Harris)
Harris, Stephen S.white7 (Harris)
Manning, Moseswhite7 (Harris)
Massy, Jamesblack7 (Harris)
Prevatt, John M.white7 (Harris)
Prevatt, Joseph M. W.white7 (Harris)
Purdom, James H.white7 (Harris)
Purdom, William J.white7 (Harris)
Roberts, Johnwhite7 (Harris)
Varnes, Johnwhite7 (Harris)

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