Albert S. Chalker Papers, 1864-1865

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Albert S. Chalker Confederate Pension Application

Application Number: A00170

Confederate Pension Application filed by Martha Bardin Chalker, 1909.

Page of Alfred S. Chalker Pension Application (1909)
Historic Clark-Chalker House at 3891 Main St. in Middleburg (c. 1988)

Image Number: DG01669

The origins of the Clark-Chalker House are somewhat uncertain, although evidence suggests it may have been built by Captain Michael M. Clark, Quartermaster at nearby Fort Heilman. Captain Clark had been given instructions to erect buildings for military purposes, and he appears to have expended money for this purpose. Stars carved into the eaves of the facade of the Clark-Chalker House may have designated the house as the headquarters of generals Winfield Scott and Thomas Jesup, who periodically stayed at Fort Heilman during the Second Seminole War. The house may have been used as a hospital at this time, because when Isaac Varnes bought the property in November 1845 it included an 'old Army hospital.' In August 1859, the house and property were bought by William Sims Bardin, who in turn granted them to his daughter Martha Anne Bardin and her husband Albert Symington Chalker upon their marriage in December 1865. Chalker operated a private ferry across nearby Black Creek, as well as a general store in Middleburg. Martha Anne Bardin continued to live in the home until her death in 1936 at the age of 91. Her grandson, Dr. Francis Allen Copp, inherited the house and embarked on a significant restoration effort. The most profound alteration was on the front facade, where Dr. Copp removed the second-story gallery and added a small balcony and four masonry columns across the front in its place.

Historic Clark-Chalker House at 3891 Main St. in Middleburg
George A. Chalker Jr. World War I Service Card

World War I service card of Alfred S. Chalker's grandson, George A. Chalker Jr.

George A Chalker World War I Serivce Card