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Theodor de Bry's Engravings of the Timucua

Theodor de Bry's Engravings of the Timucua


Plate III
Leaving the River of May, the French Discover Two Other Rivers

They returned on board and having raised anchor navigated along the coast until they came to a beautiful river which the commander himself wished to explore with the chief of that vicinity and some of the natives. Captain Ribaut named it the Seine because it was like the river in France. It is about fourteen leagues from the river of May. Having re-embarked they continued sailing towards the north, but not far away they discovered another river just as pretty and sent off two boats to explore it. In it they found an island whose chief was no less friendly than the others. They named this river the Aisne (Axona). It is about six miles from the Seine.

All transcriptions are taken from Discovering the New World, Based on the Works of Theodore de Bry, edited by Michael Alexander (New York: Harper & Row, 1976).