95 images of the St. Augustine community of Lincolnville between 1922 and 1927

Collection Number: M91-15

Creator: Twine, Richard Aloysius, 1896-1974

Title: Lincolnville, Saint Augustine Photographic Collection, 1922-1927

Quantity: 103 photographs
The original photographs taken by Richard Aloysius Twine are housed in the Saint Augustine Historical Society in Saint Augustine, Florida. For more information regarding the collection, researchers can call 904-824-2872.


These black-and-white images reflect the social and cultural environment of the Lincolnville community in the 1920s. Images depict individuals and groups on both public and private occasions, including marriage ceremonies, funerals, school graduations, and cultural and community events. Perhaps the most celebrated occasion photographed by Twine was the Emancipation Day Celebration, a special observance which united the black community. Portraits of older men and women are especially poignant, with their facial expressions reflecting the burdens that must have weighed heavily upon them.

Historical Note:

Richard Aloysius Twine, born in St. Augustine on May 11, 1896, had a brief but notable career as a professional photographer in Lincolnville, Florida. Lincolnville was the center of the black business and residential community in St. Augustine during the first few decades of the 20th century. Few buildings remain of Lincolnville today. The Twine home on Kings Ferry Way had been damaged by fire and was about to be torn down in 1988 when, fortuitously, the demolition crew discovered 103 glass negatives in the attic. The negatives were restored and placed in the custody of the St. Augustine Historical Society.