Letter from Henry D. Silverfriend to Cyrus Teed, June 27, 1907

Series: (Series N2009- 3, Koreshan Unity; Papers, ca. 1887-1990.)

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Koreshan Unity

Letter from Henry D. Silverfriend to Cyrus Teed, June 27, 1907


June 27 1907

My Dear Master,

I have seen the lights that govern the Exposition and have spoken to them about the presentation of the Koreshan System before the public. I have this day submitted the enclosed named subjects and have not stated to them who the lecturers are to be. I submit that to you. My preference would be that you deliver the entire course, and they may permit other subjects, this I can learn later. There is a splendid auditorium here and if they give us a hearing through this means I believe it will be of great benefit. I wish that there could be written up

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on each subject matter that will take not over hour’s discourse. ¾ an hour would be better. The matter should be so arranged that the press could take it as the lecture to be published. The attendance is very light and the concessions are all losing money, except the restaurants and Inn Keepers. Some of the later are complaining. Exposition managers are keeping the number attending dark. So far the loss is greater than any other American Expo. The location and natural surroundings are the grandest of any Exposition so far instituted. Please say to brothers George Sanders and Winfield that as soon

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as I am opening will send for them; if it is your wish.

I saw a Lynchberg Shoe MftRs [sic] at the Exposition and find the goods they make O.K. freight rates a great deal less than from St. Louis. Woolf will tell you exactly what the difference is- Lynchberg Va to Tidewater or Norfolk or New York by rail, and water from there to Key West, or Jacksonville.

Let me know if I should order on todays credit the bill of shoes, that sisters Libby and Evelyn have seen; and were to talk to you about. They are making goods in the Exposition. Several factories are there. The Governor of Va had a pair made the day I was there at this Lynchberg Shoe Co.

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I sent an account of the fire to Allen with an evening paper. It was a close call for the Exposition. At first the wind blew in the direction of the Inside Inn and the State Buildings and then changed to the south west. This saved the Exposition. It started in the Bensaley Hotel. A place of bad repute, by someone smoking cigarettes in the bedroom. Loss on all about $250000 with only $25000 insurance.

Yesterday there was a hurricane out there. And a number of planes were struck by lightning in the same locality.

On Tuesday night I was given a splendid reception by Mr. Ryan the genl [sic] pass agt [sic] of the Seaboard Air Line. There were quite a number present. I read some hands and gave them a talk on the Koreshan System.

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Sold them cosmogonies, and three persons are very deeply interested. One is a lieutenant in 12th Cav. U.S.A. and one is a Civil Engineer at work for H. H. Rogers of the Standard Oil Co- in the Tidewater Companies office here.

I learned that the 70000000 they borrowed and came due last Mch [sic] 15th was for the purpose of constructing a pier and railroad to the Pacific Coast from here. It is all done in H. H. Rogers’ name.

When J.D. Rockefeller was asked if he was interested in the deal he said that Mr. Rogers was able to handle the entire project alone, without his aid. If he needed him through he would lend his aid.

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 I learn this is the greatest natural harbor in the world. 40 ft of water. I am admitted to the Press club here. With love to all I am as ever

Your devoted diciple [sic],
Answer soon

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