Exhibition of art program, 1905

Series: (Series N2009- 3, Koreshan Unity; Papers, ca. 1887-1990.)

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Koreshan Unity

Exhibition of art program, 1905


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First Annual Exhibition
Of the
Estero Art Studios
May 18th, 1905

Douglas Arthur Teed
Estero, Florida

This Exhibition represents the nucleus of the proposed system of permanent Annual Exhibitions of Art at Estero, and this, the first instance, will be “A One Man Exhibition,” constituted of the original works of Mr. Teed.

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…Art List…

1. Triumph of Death
When this picture was painted the artist was twenty.

2. Abel—Dead
Study for proposed large painting.
Three days he lay upon the tainted earth;
Three days gasped, wild-eyed, the untended herd,
While darked the sun by clouds of sharp beaked birds
Descending near, but fearful yet to come
To tear the flesh of herdsman so forlorn-
Yet him the herd respected and did stand
Athirst, full hungered by the hours unfed.
That keeper of the sheep who from the rock
Had earlier seen inroad of the wolf,
Or marked the flight of vulture winging prey,
Or whence could ‘larm the Arab, plundering,
And safely held against them for his flock,-
Had there been stricken to his death, by Cain!
First fell apostle of that signal crime!
Here had the blue eyed Abel stood at dawn
Full chested to his flock, and herd, bade them
Feed, in peace and safety slake all their thirst;
Thence to the lower ledges seek a shade
Sweet with juniper, myrrh, and all sweet weeds.
Mark well the trodden earth,-that fearful stain-
Three days now lasting ‘neath the tropic sun-
Yea! The yellowing flesh and darkening wound;
Storm elemental in the sky beyond!
Full ‘gainst the cloud the spirit left by Cain
Gloomed the late night and troubled all the air-
So found the voice which cried aloud and spake
“Where, Abel, art though?” And a voice replied,
“Seest thou that dark brother- red-handed Cain,
Who slew that form which did the soul sustain?”
But stays not Abel for the kite’s repast,-
He doth sojourn in that more distant land
Of fair Havilah, by the mount of gold.
But Cain shall wander forth a thing accursed!
Scorned of all men like pestilence or death!
-Douglas Arthur Teed
Estero, May 6th, 1905.

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3. March of an Eastern Prince

Reproduced from memory from the artist’s early picture (same title) owned by Hon. J. M. Johnson, of Binghamton, N. Y.  The original painting was produced years before the well-known picture of elephants by Verestchagin.
4. Study for “Steeds of Imagination”
Original owned by Willis Sharp Kilmer, Binghamton, N. Y.

5. The Grove and Hut

6. The Desert

7. Spring
Treatment in gray tone.

8. The Meadow Brook

9. Estero Island

10. Street in Welsh Village

11. Sunset,-Estero Island

12. An October Day

13. Burial of Care
Rough sketch for large painting.

14. Huts,-Bohemia

15. The Selection of Man
Study, Original owned by W. S. Kilmer.

16. The Palms and the Plain

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17. Portrait Study in Oil of Andrew Carnegie
For the proposed three-quarter length painting for the Carnegie Building, Binghamton, N. Y.

18. The Pool

19. Dutch Hamlet

20. Combat between Egyptian and Assyrian Kings
Careful study for proposed large canvas.

21. The Tiber and Roman Campagna

22. Discovery of Fire (Unfinished)

23. Anne of Austria and Buckingham

24. When Doctors Disagree

25. The Surf

Poem, - “The Voice of the Surf.”
Midst the myriad isles of the coast it came,
Islands wild, without place or name-
Far in the zone of the hurricane,
Forever abused by the beating main.

The threatening voice asounding doom,
Hurtling forth from the fierce monsoon,
Doom! Doom! To the mariner doom!
To the caves, the caves of endless gloom!

The voice of the surf,-that gentler tide,
To wicked and weary so oft denied;
The voice of peace, whatsoe’er betide-
Hail! To the wave with this voice inside!

On Sand and shell with its regular throb-
Sad murmuring throb, and sorrowful sob,
The surf armies gather, simmer and bob;
The surf armies wild, with shudder and sob!

The winged, dark shade of the cormorant
Makes cry to the wave on the shore all spent;
And the sun on the horizon’s low bent,
Shines “good-bye” to the herald from shoreward sent.
Douglas Arthur Teed
Estero Island, Feb. 10th, 1905.

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26. Cows
After an engraving. Painted when the artist was fourteen

27. Group of Studies in Oil

28. Group of Photographic Reproductions from Earlier Works, Etc.

29. Group of Charcoal and Other Drawings

30. Full Length Study of Young Lady

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