Lecture pamphlet, 1903

Series: (Series N2009- 3, Koreshan Unity; Papers, ca. 1887-1990.)

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Koreshan Unity

Lecture pamphlet, 1903


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Are Brains Necessary?

The Koreshan Unity will open Meetings, beginning Sunday Evening, July 19, 1903, to continue Every Sunday till further notice.

At Corinthian Hall, 17th Floor, Masonic Temple.
Subject, July 19:- Brains the Basis of Mental Science, and How Utilized for the Healing of Disease. Opportunity will be given for Five-Minute Criticisms after the lecture.
Lecture Begins at 7:45 p. m.

“Without Money and Without Price.” You are free to call in your friends to the fountain of vigor and of perpetual youth. When Jesus healed he did not make a Millionaire of himself and call it Christian Science.
Complimentary. This Admits Bearer and Friend.

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THE HUMAN BRAIN-Left Hemisphere.

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A, A, cerebrum. B, cerebellum. C, medulla oblongata. I, corpus callosum. 2, convolution of corpus callosum. 3, septum lucidum. 4, fornix. 5, anterior pillar of fornix. 6, optic thalamus. 7, velum interpositum, or interposing veil. 8, arbor-vitae, or tree of life. 9, tentorium cerebella. 10, crus cerebri. 11, pons Varolii. 12, fourth ventricle. 13, posterior median fissure. 14, corpora quadrigemina, with nates (15) and testes (16). 17, aqueduct of Sylvius. 18, third ventricle. 19, conarium, or pineal gland. 20, posterior commissure. 21, middle commissure. 22, foramen of Monro, 23, tuber cinereum. 24, infundibulum, or funnel. 25, corpus albicans, or kidney. 26, glandula vitae, or pituitary gland. 27, optic nerve. 28, anterior commissure. 29, beak or rostrum. 30, anterior crura of fornix. 31, processus e cerebello ad testes. 32, processus ad medullam. 33, transverse fissure. 34, arachnoid canal. 35, genu of corpus callosum. 36, olfactory nerve. 37, olfactory bulb. 38, place of Lyra. 39, callosomarginal fissure. 40, fissure of Rolando. 41, parietal lobe. 42, parieto-occipital fissure. 43, orbital lobe. 44, third nerve. 45, points to place of calamus scriptorius. 46, occipital fissure. 47, place of crista galli. 48, frontal lobe. 49, occipital lobe. 50, crura conarium or legs of pineal gland.

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The Only Universal Science Based Upon a Demonstrated Premise.


THE FLAMING SWORD, a 16-page Weekly Review of Human Progress. $1.00 per Year. Sample Copy Free.
The Guiding Star, a Quarterly Edition de Luxe. Subjects of vital interest to the student of Koreshanity. 200 pages, printed in colors and handsomely bound. Contains an extensive glossary. Price $2.50 per volume. JUST ISSUED. Vol. I.- “The Immortal Manhood; the Laws and Processes of Its Attainment in the Flesh.” Other Volumes in Preparation.

The Cellular Cosmogony, or the Earth a Concave Sphere. A 200-page Illustrated Work, containing full account of the Only Survey ever made for the purpose of Determining the Earth’s True Contour. Astounding Discoveries! Modern Astronomy Exploded! Price, paper cover, 25 cts.

Pamphlets on the Following Subjects, 10 cts. Each. Koreshan Science.-Science of the Decalogue.-Reincarnation, or the Resurrection of the Dead.-Emmanuel Swedenborg; His Mission.-The Shepherd of Israel.-The Identification of Israel.

Telephone Normal 382. 313-317 Englewood Ave., CHICAGO, ILL.

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