Letter from Evelyn Bubbett to Imogene Bubbett-Rahn, October 12, 1913

Series: (Series N2009- 3, Koreshan Unity; Papers, ca. 1887-1990.)

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Koreshan Unity

Letter from Evelyn Bubbett to Imogene Bubbett-Rahn, October 12, 1913


Estero, Oct 12/13

My Dear Gene

The ribbon came last eve and we thank you ever so much for it- Sr Virginia and I think it the most beautiful we have ever had.  Am so glad you got it wider than the sample sent.  They will certainly look very pretty made up, in badger somewhat larger than the old ones. The Souvenir cards will be a reprint of one the Master wrote for his 63 birthday; the cards, badges, programs, and a copy of the Oct Sword will be given out after the breakfast, and while the orchestra plays.  We have no entertainment this year.  There will be a special program for the Song Service, with selections by the orchestra, singing, etc., with 4 orations, from the service held in 1906, where you used to lead the children.  James C. will read

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One of the Annunciations the Master wrote for you, and the children will sing in response to it, while incense is burning.  Ice cream will be served at 5 o’clock in the dining room. -----

Well, we had some “one time” friends here today. They did not come on the grounds, but waited at the store till Bro George could phone up the river for a boat to take them down to Black Island. The party consisted of Gay, Hattie, Louise, and Benson; they came in an auto, and wanted to hire a boat of us, but Steve had the “Edna C” on the ways, and James, Alfred, Charley Hunt, John Watson, Wm Fisher, and Walter had the “Tiburon,” having gone to the Island after breakfast. Lou went also, to cut Carl’s hair. They say Louise looks much older, Hattie somewhat thinner, and Gay coarser than usual. Don’t know what they wanted with Gus Faber. They seem to know all about V. and Dr G. going to

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Wash., and perhaps think it a significant move. It seems that the whole crew were sorry Flora ever came back from her visit North.  It is said that Gay stated that she was repulsive to him, personally. Eunice Hussey was here some time ago (she came down with Julia from M-) and told a whole lot of stuff about the “bunch” to our folks in the Hall. Said Flora told Robert Wright that if Gay didn’t prove to be the man, then it would be some other man.

Gus Faber has been to “Newport” twice, preaching his doctrine- but making no claim of any kind. Each time he made Cecile almost sick- he was so repugnant to her. Of course he was trying to get R. and C to join his colony.  He has only Peter Hanson now- Richard Dunn is in M. working to support them.

On the way down this A.M. the “Tiburon” stopped to see if R. and C. would go, and as Frank was there, they all went. Charley Hunt had to get some information about the size of the nets the fishermen are using, (a lot of them have been

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Arrested recently), and Alfred took down some repairs for one of the men at the fish house. They got some fish and ice, and R. had them stop at “Newport” on the way home. Lou fried the fish, C. made the coffee, Frank and R. made ice cream, and Alfred came up for me to come down for dinner. Such a good time as we had;- we sat at the table and talked and talked for over 2 hours- eating ice cream to our hearts’ content, after the fish and coffee were disposed of.

Now here I am scribbling again, half past ten, and I intended writing Laurie also. Let him read this, and tell him not to think hard of me for not writing. I am awfully busy- had to select the orations, 2 prayers for the Song Service, 2 graces for Oct 18 (morning and noon) attend to printing of cards and programs, also Response to prayer by the congregations, have 16 pages of proof to read tomorrow, fix copy for the Nov Sword (1st form) and go to M-again on Tuesday.

I was very much interested in

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What you wrote of your new home, about your dishes, silver, Roy coming to dinner, Laurie being with you, etc., etc. So was Sr Virginia- I read your letter to her and Allen.

Now a word about what I would like as a birth day gift. The Sweater seems to appeal to me very strongly as a sensible and exceedingly useful. (You should see R. put his on, and pull that high collar up around his neck, and the cuffs down to his wrists, when it is chilly.) Am sending you a page cut from the latest “Nat’l Cloak and Suit Co’s” catalog, with 2 sweaters marked one on each side of the page 20811 and 20805. Would prefer the make of 20811, but like the collar of 20805 better, but will leave that to you. (I am like R. when it is cold, I want my neck and wrists protected.) Would want the oxford grey in color. Select the one you think would wear best; think 34 bust would do, but be sure the sleeves are long. If you don’t think I am asking too much, I would like a hand bag, something like cut enclosed, but without the purse, if they come that way. Would like one at least 12 inches long and 9 ½ deep, with strong handles and good clasp or fastener.

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Would prefer black of course. Now Genie Girl, it is 11 oclock and I’m sleepy. I wanted so much to write L., but simply can’t do it tonight. You can imagine our folks making the badges down in the hall this weeks, and commenting on the beauty of the colors and the quality of the ribbon. I opened a red bolt today to measure it, (10 ½ yds), and as it lay on the bed in a pile it made such a pretty picture. In your mind’s eye you can see our people wearing the colors next Sat.,- the sister’s all in white.

Enclosed is a card from Mr Coppin. Mrs Lily Wood sent a letter on the same line- it made me boil [?] Peissert’s work. The writer is a woman he calls Rebecca- one of his angels, I suppose.

The grounds look so nice; lots of sawdust being put on the walks; Jesse is painting the office; foundation of Art Hall has been fixed, and porch in front put in new, also steps. Our house is to have the rest of the weather board put on this week. More gossip. Good night with lots of love to you all.

Lovingly Mother

Could you get the sweater of the “Nat’l Co” and let them send it? They would pay the postage; but perhaps you can do better elsewhere. James sends love to all . E.

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