Richard Seaman

Richard Seaman, 1904-2002

Florida fiddler, and story teller, Richard Seaman was born on an orange grove in Kissimmee, Florida, in 1904. As a young boy, Seaman watched local fiddlers playing into the night as people square danced. He picked up the fiddle and learned the craft. Over the years, Seaman developed a repertoire of fiddle tunes that included waltzes and western swing, but the “old time” hoedown tunes he learned as a young man, exemplifies his contribution to the regional heritage of Florida fiddle playing. Seaman moved to Jacksonville, where he performed in several bands, including the Melody Makers and the string band, South Land Trail Riders. He and the Melody Makers also had a weekly radio program on WJAX. In 1955, Seaman put his fiddle down and didn’t pick it up again for more than 30 years until he met banjoist/guitarist Jack Piccolo. The two began to play together at the Florida Folk Festival in White Springs, and continued to do so regularly until Seaman’s death in 2002.

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