Wilber Wightman Gramling Diary, 1864-1865 (Page 7 of 7)

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Lincoln Letters

Lincoln Letters

Wilber Wightman Gramling Diary, 1864-1865

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Sunday, April 16, 1865. Cloudy and quite cold. Lincoln’s murderer is supposed to be one Booth. Johnson took his seat yesterday at 2 o’clock. Seward considered dangerous. The assassin not apprehended yet.

Monday, April 17, 1865. Cloudy and unpleasant. Various rumors reported that General Grant was assassinated also, but it is false I believe. Had bad luck with my chains today. Had two confiscated worth $1.50.

Tuesday, April 18, 1865. General Johnson has not surrendered his army. General opinion is that he will soon. Health of the camp is tolerably good at present.

Additional: Wilber Wightman Gramling lived in Leon County, Florida, and enlisted in Company K of the Fifth Florida Infantry Regiment at Tallahassee on February 20, 1862.