Discover more than 200,000 digitized photographs and illustrations from the Florida Photographic Collection at the State Archives. Florida Memory has the most complete online portrait of the state, drawing its strength from photographs of Florida families, their communities and their pastimes.

Ordering information

State Archives of Florida
General Schedule of Charges
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The State Archives of Florida is able to provide its patrons with copying services for most of the items in its collections. The staff reserves the right to restrict the copying of any materials for which such activity may jeopardize the records' continued preservation.

Services are rendered on a first come, first serve basis. Large quantities of materials to be copied will be done on an as-time-permits basis. Records in the Archives will not be loaned to patrons for the purpose of outside copying. The Archives requires that proper citation be given for any copied item quoted from or reproduced in any publication or public exhibition.

The charges listed below are established in accordance with Section 15.09, Florida Statutes. State law requires that all fees for services be collected in advance (see Attorney general Opinion 77-120). Cash, checks, money orders (payable to the Florida Department of State), government purchase orders, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) are accepted forms of payment.

Order by mail:
State Archives of Florida
500 South Bronough Street/MS#9
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0250
Please do not send cash in the mail.

Order by phone:
850-245-6719 (Archives Reference Unit)
850-245-6718 (Archives Photographic and Film Unit)

Order by Email:
[email protected]
Please call with credit card numbers.
Photocopy Services
Photocopies (letter and legal) $.25 per page
Prints From Microfilm $.25 per page
Oversize Photocopies $.50 per page
Oversize Scans (b&w) $5.00 per scan
Legislative Research $20.00 per law*

*Includes special research fees (as authorized by F.S. 257.35[5], mailing charges, and up to 100 photocopies per law. Additional fees apply to audio tape duplication and scanning for email.

Audio Duplication
Cassette to CD $10.00 per cassette
CD to CD $10.00 per disc
DAT to CD $25.00 per tape
Reel-to-Reel Transfer to CD $25.00 per tape
Photographic Reproduction

Please include the image number and size of the print desired with your order. For video duplication, include the film title and format desired.

5" x 7" black & white prints $15.00 each
color prints $15.00 each
8" x 10" black & white prints $20.00 each
color prints $20.00 each
11" x 14" black & white prints $35.00 each
color prints $35.00 each
16" x 20" black & white prints $45.00 each
color prints $45.00 each
Sepia toning of prints $10.00 extra per print
Photographic images on Compact Disc
Scanned Images up to 600 DPI
Oversize or fragile documents may not be eligible for scanning.
$10.00 per image*

*For scans higher than 600 DPI the charge will increase $10 for each additional 300 DPI

Video Duplication

(VHS, ¾ inch, Beta, and Digital originals will be duplicated to these formats)

Beta 30 minute $75.00
Beta 60 minute $95.00
DVD 30 minute $75.00
DVD 60 minute $95.00
Other Services
Certified copies (per certification) $8.75
Mailing fees: For requests up to $50 $2.00
For requests greater than $50 $4.00
Document delivery via email attachment $2.00 per order