Ukrainian Bandurist Yarko Antonevych

Ukrainian Bandurist Yarko Antonevych

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This podcast features Ukrainian bandurist Yarko Antonevych.

Transcript of the Introduction

Welcome back to the Florida Folklife Collection podcast series from the Florida Department of State’s Library and Archives of Florida. As we’ve discovered throughout this series, the Florida Folk Festival has provided an excellent venue for sharing unique traditions introduced to Florida from around the world. Ukrainian bandurist Yarko Antonevych is no exception.

The bandura is the national instrument of Ukraine and possesses many similarities to the lute or harp. Its history dates back to the sixth century with its predecessor, the kobza, and the musicians who played this instrument as well as the bandura who were known as kobzari – wandering folk troubadours and court musicians who wrote and performed epic songs called duma. Yarko will fill us in with more on the history of the instrument and its performers throughout the podcast.

Born in Canada where his father fled after World War II, Yarko Antonevych grew up in a Ukrainian community in Toronto where he was introduced to his instrument at an early age. He studied music at Florida Atlantic University and Palm Beach Community College in his 20s. More recently, Yarko has been sighted carrying on the kobzar tradition in the subways of Toronto.

During his time in Florida, Yarko brought the ethereal sounds of his instrument to White Springs, performing old Ukranian folk songs as well as modern compositions. Let’s enjoy some highlights from Yarko’s appearances at the 1995 Florida Folk Festival.