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Saturday program at the 1996 Florida Folk Festival (Folklife Area Narrative Stage) (Tape 13)

Sound 1996-05-25

Sunday program at the 1996 Florida Folk Festival (Folklife Area Narrative Stage) (Tape 1)

Sound 1996-05-26

Sunday program at the 1996 Florida Folk Festival (Folklife Area Narrative Stage) (Tape 6)

Sound 1996-05-26

Sunday performances at the 1999 Florida Folk Festival (Folklife Narrative Stage) (Tape 2)

Sound 1999-05-30

Images of Marie Castillo's home

Still Image 1985-03-03

Food warmer made out of a shopping cart at Dade Labor Camp

Still Image 1985-09-06

Preparing food at El Toro Taco restaurant

Still Image 1985-08-29

Celebration of Ermita de la Caridad

Still Image 1985-09-07

Mario Pozos with her herb and food garden

Still Image 1986-09-05

Cooks from the Valdes-Fauli Party Service at work

Still Image 1985-07-30

Wood carver Jose Orta

Still Image 1985-07-30

Processing sponges at the Arrellano Brothers Sponge Distributors

Still Image 1985-07-09

Pinata making at a Miami shop

Still Image 1985-07-10

Columbia Festival

Still Image 1985-07-20

Painters Haydee and Sarah Scull with their paintings

Still Image 1985-07-07

Mary Luisa Grass making sponge cake

Still Image 1985-07-31

Scenes of Cuban American life in Miami

Still Image 1985-07-23

Guatemalan weaver Cruz Josefina Gomez at the Miccosukee Reservation

Still Image 1985-09

Cuban music performed live on WQBA

Still Image 1985-08

Mexican Independence Day celebrations (El Grito) at Benito Juarez Park

Still Image 1985-09-15

Venezuelan band at the El Torito Restaurant

Still Image 1985-09

Music performances at the Mexican Independence festival

Still Image 1985-09-15

The Scull Sisters dancing in Little Havana

Still Image 1985-08

Saturday performances at the 2006 Florida Folk Festival (Folklife Stage) (Disc 13)

Sound 05/27/2006

1986 Florida Folk Festival (8 of 17)

Moving Image 1986-05-24

Saturday performances at the 2000 Florida Folk Festival (Main Stage) (Tape 4)

Sound 2000-05-27

The Perez family in Key West

Still Image 1986-11

Images from a quince store, Debut En Sociedad

Still Image 1980-04-14

Mexican American band Disatre performs at a carnival

Sound 1988-11-27

Recording of broadcast on Radio Continental (1430 AM)

Sound Mar 1992

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