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Health Motion Pictures - flier

Destroy Their "Fox Holes" Clean Up! - flier

Condemned to Die: Amos Quito

Meet Me at the Anti-Mosquito Conference: Daytona, December 6-7

Mosquito Facts Flier

Sheet of cards advertising Mosquito Control

"Are We to Be the Victims of Medical Charlatans?" Palm Beach County health meeting flier

"A New Thing for Sanford" Seminole County health meeting flier

"Let's All Eat Oats" flier

"Notice: No Camping" flier

"Do You Feel Like This?" - flier

"Help Beat the Axis with Prophylaxis" flier

V.D. Thumb Nail Sketches flier

"Follow the Star" flier on gonorrhea

A Special Day for Boys and Girls sponsored by the Florida WCTU flier

Look at the Record - Elect W. A. (Bill) Shands, 1948

Flier from Political Digest, Lynching Special Extra Vol. 6 No. 18, 1934

Wakulla Springs hotel

Flier for Weekiwachee Spring: Spring of the Mermaids

Flier supporting proposed 1971 "court reform" amendment #1 to the state constitution

Wake Up America: Will This Happen Here?

Quebec to Cuba Marchers in Florida

Flier listing activities for FAMU Religious Emphasis Week

Vote for Revision 1 on November 7, 1978

Campaign Materials for Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Hendrix, 1960

LeRoy Collins for U.S. Senate Rally Flier, 1968

"Don't Buy at Shell's City," Congress of Racial Equality Flier, Miami, ca. 1960

"Why Buy at Shell's City Supermarket?" Congress of Racial Equality Flier, Miami, ca. 1960

FAMU and Civil Rights, Miami, ca. 1963

N.A.A.C.P. Mass Meeting for "Freedom Now" Flier, June 5, 1960

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