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Dedication of State Capitol

Program for the 93rd Lunar Festival, April 12, 1986

"Think Metric" brochure

Recipe for Cranberry Bread

Recipe for Swamp Cabbage

Recipe for Turkey Noodle Bake

Recipe for Frosted Coffee Squares

Recipe for Squirrel and Gravy

Recipe for Pecan Pie

Letter from Richard H. Samples, Jr. to Governor Bob Graham, April 2, 1980

Letter from Stefanie A. Argudo to Governor Bob Graham, January 25, 1980

Letter from O.R. Havelka to Governor Bob Graham, March 1, 1980

Letter from Edward Shaw, Sr. to Governor Bob Graham, November 24, 1979

Letter from James R. Stout to Governor Bob Graham, April 28, 1980

Valentine from Anita Andres to Governor Bob Graham

Letter from Kelly Smith to Governor Bob Graham, February 14, 1982

Letter from Helen E. Springer to Governor Bob Graham, February 16, 1982

Postcard from M.E. Rios Martin to Governor Bob Graham, February 14, 1982

Stop the ERA pamphlet

You Can't Fool Mother Nature - Stop the ERA

League of Women Voters of Florida Pro-ERA pamphlet

Religious Committee for the ERA newsletter

The Church, Religion, and the Equal Rights Amendment

ERA a bread and butter issue

Florida Voter ERA pamphlet

National Organization for Women ERA pamphlet

Bumper sticker supporting proposed 1971 "court reform" Amendment #1 to the state constitution

Flier supporting proposed 1971 "court reform" amendment #1 to the state constitution

Letter to Governor Graham from Billie Wills opposing proposed 1 cent sales tax increase to rebuild Miami after 1980 Riots

Letter to Governor Graham from Verdell Jenkins decrying the verdict of the McDuffie case

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