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"A Song for Tallahassee CORE" by Jeff Poland, ca. 1960

"Suggestions for CORE Pickets," Memorandum, February 26, 1960

N.A.A.C.P. Mass Meeting for "Freedom Now" Flier, June 5, 1960

March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom Pledge Card, 1963

Document regarding Investigation of "Radio Free Dixie" Weekly Radio Program

Memo from Melba Harmon to Bill Norris Regarding Civil Rights Picket, 1964

News Release from Governor Claude Kirk about Respecting Memory of Martin Luther King Jr., 1968

Citizens for Better Living - An Appeal to the People, ca. 1964

"Don't Buy at Shell's City," Congress of Racial Equality Flier, Miami, ca. 1960

CORE Rules for Action Pamphlet, ca. 1957

FAMU and Civil Rights, Miami, ca. 1963

"Facts About the Community Relations Service" Brochure, August 1964

Flier announcing meeting of the Ku Klux Klan near Tallahassee, 1956

SGA Newsletter, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Tallahassee, March 22, 1960

St. Augustine Arrest Records, June 30, 1964

Letter from Mary E. Rustam to Richard F. Parker, ca. 1960

This is CORE Pamphlet, ca. 1957

Memorandum from CORE, Report of Lunch Counter Demonstrations, December 8, 1960

Nonviolence in Theory and in Action, Congress of Racial Equality, Miami, 1960

Minutes from a Tallahassee Action Group, ca. 1960

Florida Free Press Newsletter, November 20, 1964

Advertisement for Congress of Racial Equality's Jazz Album, ca.1960

Correspondence Between Governor LeRoy Collins and C. K. Steele, 1956

Statement by Governor LeRoy Collins Regarding Segregation - November 19, 1956

Proposal by the Delray Beach Civic League to Resolve Conflict over Use of Public Beaches - May 26, 1956

Letter from Catherine E. Strong, Vice-Mayor of Delray Beach, to Governor LeRoy Collins Regarding Segregation at Public Beaches - July 3, 1956

Letter from Hendrik J. Berns to LeRoy Collins Regarding Racial Tensions in Delray Beach - June 23, 1956

Draft Notes Regarding an Agreement Regarding a New "Negro Beach" for Delray Beach, ca. June 1956

Letter from the Delray Beach Civic League to LeRoy Collins Regarding a Dispute over Segregated Beaches - June 25, 1956

ERA Depends Upon YOU The Individual Program, Miami, November 13, 1976

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