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License plate contest entry featuring smiling sun and accomapnying letter

Flier reminding voters to register before the upcoming Leon County school bond election, 1963

Leon County Election Return, 1826

Certificate Recognizing R.A. Gray for his Service to the Young Democrats of Leon County, 1959

Territorial Census Returns, 1838 and 1840; Election Returns, 1838-1845

Flier promoting informative films for women's health at the Florida Theater in Tallahassee

Leaflet encouraging Leon County citizens to grow food at home, ca. 1940s

Stop Destroying Our Canopy Roads

Map of the Dixie Highway System, 1919

Original Certified Copy of Florida House Resolution No. 6, Designating "R.A. Gray Park" South of the Old Florida Capitol, 1951

Elk's Flag Day Ceremonial Program, June 14, 1942

Flier advertising speeches by Hon. William D. Upshaw at the Leon County Courthouse

Invitation for dedication of R.A. Gray Park

Lawton Chiles U.S. Senate Campaign Progress Reports from Walking Tour of Florida, 1970

Pensacola and Georgia Railroad Company $500 Bond Certificate, 1860

Pros and cons of having an appointed superintendent of public instruction in Leon County, 1963

Telegram to Commissioner of Education Floyd Christian from FSU Teacher Fellowship Program Expressing Support for FEA During Teachers' Strike, 1968

Map of the Florida Central Railroad, 1911

Vote Yes November 5th, School Bond.

Territorial Treasury Note, One Dollar, 1830

Territorial Treasury Note, Two Dollars, 1830

Territorial Treasury Note, Three Dollars, 1830

Territorial Treasury Note, Five Dollars, 1830

Territorial Treasury Note, Five Dollars, 1829

Territorial Treasury Note, Fifty Cents, 1829

State Treasury Note, One Dollar, 1861

State Treasury Note, One Dollar, 1863

State Treasury Note, Two Dollars, 1863

State Treasury Note, Three Dollars, 1863

State Treasury Note, Five Dollars, 1864

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