Late 1950s
Video Details
31:02; b&w; sound and silent; V-201 FLEA001; S. 1579; Media 1979-4
This was filmed at the dedication ceremony for a Seminole Indian recreation center at Brighton Reservation. Howard Tiger is interviewed regarding the Seminole Cattle Raising program while American Indian children play a high-jump game in the background. A Native American dressed in traditional Seminole attire addresses attendees of the dedication ceremony. The Seminole Tribe Board of Directors are introduced. Billie Osceola, Bill Osceola, Tobey John, Jimmy Cypress, Mike Osceola, Frank Billie and President Howard Tiger are present. Seminole expert Albert Devane of Lake Placid comments on the history of the Seminoles and the Seminole Wars. Jimmy Cypress is shown raising the American flag at the recreation center dedication while several Seminole children hold their hands over their hearts and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. There is additional dedication ceremony footage, some of which is silent. The segment ends with Howard Tiger making additional remarks about the Seminole Cattle Program.
DeVane, Albert

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