Democrats and Republicans in Convention

This film shows activities in Miami Beach during the Republican and Democratic conventions of 1972. It showcases the Miami Beach Convention Center with footage of a circus, industry shows and ice shows. Viewers also see demonstrators; candidates Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew and George McGovern; and other politicians and celebrities, including Reubin Askew, Ted Kennedy, Ed Muskie, Shirley Chisholm, Hubert Humphrey, Thomas Eagleton, George Wallace, Henry Kissinger, John Wayne, Barry Goldwater, Frank Sinatra, Chad Everett, Sammy Davis Jr., and Charlton Heston. Produced by Coronado Studios ; sponsored by the Tourism Development Authority of Miami Beach.
Video Details
13:30; color; sound; V-22; CA130, S. 828
Davis Jr., Sammy

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