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Testerina Primitive Baptist Church

Still Image 1980-05-11


Still Image 1977-07

Beverly Dozier, Division of Cultural Affairs director

Still Image 1977-07

Dorothy Glisson, Deputy Secretary of State

Still Image 1974

Quilts by Nona Heinlein

Still Image 1986-11

Cook Flora Mae Hunter

Still Image 1988-03

Storyteller Abenaa Owusu

Still Image 1988-03

Folklorist Merri Belland's foodways presentation

Still Image 1983-04-30

Folklorist Merri Belland's foodways presentation

Still Image 1983-04-30

General Ponder's bent willow chair

Still Image 1983-04-30

Deputy Secretary of State Sam Ashdown

Still Image 1983-04-30

Suzanne Bos, Division of Cultural Affairs director

Still Image 1983-04-30

Ethel Santiago cooking at the Tallahassee Junior Museum

Still Image 1982-12

Soap stone carvings

Still Image 1987-09

Baskets at the Native American Heritage Festival

Still Image 1987-09

Flora Mae Hunter cooking demonstration

Still Image 1983-04-30

Recording of singer Betsy Stafford (date unknown)

Sound 1960

The Drava Folkdance Ensemble dancing at the 1978 Florida Folk Festival

Still Image 1978-05

Publicity photograph for Seafood Combo

Still Image 1974

Recording of a service at the Testerina Primitive Baptist Church

Sound 1980-05-11

Big Bend Folk Band at the 1963 Florida Folk Festival

Still Image 1963-05

General Ponder making bent willow furniture

Still Image 1963-05

Furniture maker General Ponder

Still Image 1963-05

WTNT-CBS radio report (Capital Report) on the 1958 Florida Folk Festival

Sound 05/04/1958

Tallahassee Junior College performing at the Stephen Foster Memorial

Sound 03/27/1960

Florida Folklife Program Trip to Miami

Still Image 1980-03

Stephen Foster Day at the state capitol

Still Image 1976-01

Recording of the Fourth Day Windfall

Sound 1967

Seminole, Culture, and Folk Artists

Moving Image 1985-07-15

General Ponder and his bent willow chairs

Still Image 1985-07-15

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