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Madison Elementary Students visitng the Madison Senior Center

Still Image 1983-10-11

Students making string figures

Moving Image 1981-04

Students demonstrating games and tales

Still Image 1983-10-11

Children's lore with Lake City students

Still Image 1983-10-21

Children's lore and games

Still Image 1983-09-16

Quilter Annie McCall with students

Still Image 1983-09-16

Students from Parkwood Heights School dancing at the Florida Folk Festival

Still Image 1971-05

Playing the diddly bow for students

Still Image 1982-10

Stanton High School students performing at the Florida Folk Festival

Still Image 1960

Performance by Haitian students at Edison High School

Still Image 1985-11-20

Avis Cason cutting sugarcane for students at the 1990 Rural Folklife Days

Still Image 1990-11-13

Children's lore presentation at Jasper elementary

Still Image 1983-11

Student storytelling

Still Image 1983-09-09

Student folklore demonstrations at Taylor County Junior High School (7th graders)

Sound 1983-10-11

Musicians Troy & Lucy Lovelace and Lewis Raulerson performed for students

Moving Image 1981-02

Wood carver John Albert talking to students

Still Image 1982

Lucreaty Clark showing students how to make white oak baskets

Still Image 1982-09-22

Thomas Rains demonstrating blacksmithing to students

Still Image 1982-09

Children storytelling in Madison

Still Image 1983-10-07

Ft. White Fourth Grade Class

Sound 1983-10

Basket maker Lucreaty Clark and carver John Albert talking with students

Moving Image 1981-03

Wood carver John Albert demonstrating to students

Still Image 1982-10

John Albert demonstrating wood carving to students

Still Image 1982-10

Moses Williams making and playing a diddly bow for students

Still Image 1982-10

Farmer T.G. Mayo demonstrating sugarcane grinding to students

Still Image 1983-10-25

Storyteller Louise Sanders with students

Still Image 1983-10-12

Student folklore demonstrations at Madison Primary School (3rd graders)

Sound 1983-10-06

Blues performer Moses Williams performing for students

Moving Image 1984

Moses Williams playing his diddly bow for students

Still Image 1982-10

The Sun Down Cloggers

Still Image 1982-10

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