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Interview with blacksmith Buddy Page

Sound 1989-06-23

Interviews with Tarpon Springs residents

Sound 1987-03-21

Interview with Waino Talas

Sound 1981-03-23

Interview with Viola Karhu

Sound 1981-03-26

Interview with Veikko Kotilainen

Sound 1981-03-27

Interview with Lauri Karhinen

Sound 1981-03-27

Interview with Evelyn Foster Morneveck

Sound 07/28/1962

Story of Stephen Foster program at the Stephen Foster Memorial (1955)

Sound 01/03/1955

Story of Stephen Foster program at the Stephen Foster Memorial (1954)

Sound 12/18/1954

Interview with Panayiota (Penny) King

Sound 1989-06-13

Interview with and music performance by Louise Sanders

Sound 1986-09-22

Centenarian Ike Ward discussing his life

Still Image 1986-09-22

Interview with Thelma Boltin

Sound 1978-10-30

Interview with Martta Bihlajam

Sound 1981-03-21

Interview with Martha Pihlajainae and Anna Tokiuen

Sound 1981-03-21

Interview with Anna Jokinen and Selma Makela

Sound 1981-03-21

Interview with Aarne Lucander

Sound 1981

Interview with Arne Laukka

Sound 1981-03-25

Interview with Aino Karhu and Lyyli Falke

Sound 1981-03-25

Interview with Charlie Mae Williams

Sound 1983-03-18

Oral history with Vivian Hall Boston

Sound 01/28/1990

Oral history with Harriett Mosley

Sound 01/27/1990

Interview with storyteller Linda Chancey

Sound 12/16/1993

Interview with storyteller Ed Winn

Sound 01/03/1994

Interview with sisters Lela Creel, Carrie Granger, and Perl Boyett

Sound 1978-05-25

Interview with and music performance by Kerry Wadron

Sound 1987-04-11

Centenarian Ike Ward with Florida folklorists

Still Image 1987-04-11

Interview with Virginia Shurtleff & Marie Ralston

Sound 03/31/1962

Mary Lipponen interview

Sound 1981-09-02

Karen Kahill interview

Sound 1981-09-02

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