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Grupo Folklore Latino

Moving Image 03/10/1990 - 10/12/1991

Unidentified Cuban Singers from Hamilton County

Sound 1963-03-24

Quinces clothing shop

Still Image 1983-05

Men playing dominoes in Little Havana, Miami

Still Image 1980-03-11

Florida Heritage Award winner Mario Sanchez

Still Image 1991-03

Mexican dancers at the Florida Folk Festival

Still Image 1957

Mexican fiesta celebration in Wahneta

Still Image 1993-12-12

Salsa Express publicity photo

Still Image 1993-12-12

Just Mario

Moving Image 1991

Cigar rollers in Florida

Still Image 1991

Emilio Castellanos playing guitar

Still Image 1978

Cecilia Compor

Still Image 1990-10

Juan Candela with comparsas group

Still Image 1990-10

Cubans and Seminoles in Miami

Still Image 1990-10

Painter Mario Sanchez

Still Image 1990-10

Pinatas by Victoria Grimm

Still Image 1986-02

Interview with pinata maker Victoria Grimm

Sound 1992-06-26

Cigar roller Domingo Rojas in St. Augustine

Still Image 1978-04

Alejandrina Ayme weaving at the Florida Museum of Natural History

Still Image 1988-10

Ana Blanco making lace

Still Image 1988-08

Mexican American radio station, WAUC

Still Image 1994-02-02

Grupo Seuezz dance band

Still Image 1993-12-15

The Salsa Express performing at the Latin Fiesta Club

Still Image 1981-09-24

Migrant farmers harvesting sweet potatoes

Still Image 1985-09-06

Cigar rollers Consuelo and Faustino Fernandez at the 1977 Florida Folk Festival

Still Image 1977-05

Puerto Rican wood carver Jose Orta

Still Image 1989-03-24

Sculptor Nicario Jimenez with his work, retablos

Still Image 1988-10

Venezuelan harpist at the 1991 Florida Folk Festival

Still Image 1991-05

Guitar maker Manuel Fraguela

Still Image 1978-04

Peruvian band at the Fina Estampa restaurant

Sound 1985-09-14

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