Racing at Fulford Speedway

Image Number: PR09088

Action on the fastest speedway in the world, Fulford, Florida, on February 22, 1926. Peter DePaulo driving a Duesenberg 8 leads Harry Hartz in Miller 8 as they head for the checker. DePaulo won the event and Hartz finished second.

Remains of Fulford Speedway after being struck by a hurricane

Image Number: PR09086

Remains of stands and track after hurricane on September 17, 1926, viewed toward turns #3 and #4. Remaining part of #3 stands.

Track was never rebuilt.

1926 hurricane damage to Knights Chapel

Image Number: N035904

Nokomis, Florida.

Cars driving by boats washed ashore from the 1926 hurricane: Miami, Florida

Image Number: N048091

Beach and bathhouse during hurricane of 1926: Boca Grande, Florida

Image Number: RC01927

Home destroyed by the 1926 hurricane: Miami, Florida

Image Number: N048088a

Remains of a bridge

Image Number: SM2486

1926 hurricane washed the land away from both ends. Photographed at Baker's Haulover Inlet in Miami, Florida on January 25, 1927 by John Kunkel Small.

Gazebo under water after hurricane of 1926: Boca Grande, Florida

Image Number: RC01930

Home damaged by the 1926 hurricane: Miami, Florida

Image Number: N048086a

The house was located at the corner of NE 4th Avenue and 24th Street.

Rickel family after the 1926 hurricane wrecked their home: Miami, Florida

Image Number: N034983

Left to right: Mrs. Rickel, Thelma Rickel, Albert Rickel.

Riviera section after the 1926 hurricane : Coral Gables, Florida

Image Number: RC11714

Building destroyed by the hurricane of 1926

Image Number: N031914

South Methodist Church: Fort Lauderdale

Image Number: PR01188

The church was at North Andrews Avenue and Southeast 2nd Street. Built in 1913. Photographed ca. 1917. Fort Lauderdale News and Sun-Sentinel.

South Methodist Church demolished by hurricane of 1926

Image Number: PR01175

South Methodist Church on South Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale after being demolished by September 18, 1926 hurricane.

Sand-locked railroad cars after the 1926 hurricane: Lake Worth, Florida

Image Number: N031953

Barometer in the cabin of Captain William Thompson

Image Number: N031920

Barometer used during the hurricane of 1926. Capt. William Thompson was the master of the U.S. dredge Savannah.

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