images of Departmental activities, 1999 - present.

Collection Number: N/A

Creator: Florida Department of State

Title: Images of Departmental Activities, 1999 - Present.

Quantity: Approximately 250 images


The Department of State and its divisions, bureaus and programs frequently host events and official ceremonies in order to present awards, make public announcements and launch new initiatives. This collection includes photographs which document some of the official functions and projects carried out by officers of the Florida Department of State. The images show Department of State employees on the job, serving the needs of patrons and representing the State of Florida. Among the many activities depicted in the images are departmental events, registration of political candidates, archeological discoveries, and images of students, artists, researchers and Floridians of all walks of life visiting the R.A. Gray Building and other sites. The collection illustrates the breadth of work members of the Florida Department of State undertake.

Historical Note:

When the 1838 Constitution created the Office of the Secretary of State, the secretary was designated as keeper of the Great Seal and the custodian of the Laws of Florida. Florida became a state seven years later in 1845, and the Office of the Secretary of State was given the task of maintaining the state's public records.

Since that time, the secretary's duties have multiplied and expanded. Today, the Secretary of State is Florida's Chief Elections Officer, Chief Cultural Officer and the head of the Department of State, which was created in 1969 (Ch. 69-106, Laws of Florida). The Secretary of State was an elected Cabinet post until January 3, 2003, the effective date of a 1998 constitutional amendment eliminating the office from the Cabinet and making the department responsible to the Governor of Florida.

The department consists of the Office of the Secretary and the Divisions of Administrative Services, Corporations, Cultural Affairs, Elections, Historical Resources and Library and Information Services. The programs, services and activities of the Department of State touch all Florida residents.