412 glass lantern slides of Florida industries and cities, 1910s-1930s

Collection Number: M82-144

Title: Florida Lantern Slides, 1910-1940

Quantity: 412 photographs


This collection consists of 410 lantern slides providing black-and-white images of many different geographical areas of Florida. Images depict such diverse subjects as industries, tourist attractions, city scenes, and educational institutions. Of particular note are early views of the developing airline industry (particularly Pan Am and Eastern Airlines), aerial views of Florida State College for Women and the University of Florida, forestry and forest products, and road construction.

Historical Note:

Lantern slides came into wide use in the United States after the 1860s, when the Langenheim Brothers of Philadelphia began full time production of photographic slides. Lantern slide shows, or the "magic lantern," became popular home entertainment and served as accompaniment to speakers on the lecture circuit. Lantern slides reached their peak of popularity around 1900 and were a widely used instructional aid in schools. They continued to be widely used until the 1930s, when they were gradually replaced by the more convenient 35mm slides.