Over 1200 images of people and businesses in the Jacksonville area from 1947-1961

Collection Number: M82-145

Creator: Fisher, Robert

Title: Robert Fisher Photographic Collection, 1941-1961

Quantity: 3,000 photographs (not all are online)
The 1,200 prints on this Web site represent a selection from the Fisher Collection. The entire collection can be viewed onsite at the State Archives of Florida in Tallahassee.


This collection contains approximately 3,000 negatives created by commercial photographer Robert Fisher in the Jacksonville, Florida area for various newspapers, organizations, agencies, and individuals. The images depict people, streets, signs, businesses, and buildings in Jacksonville and surrounding communities. Many of the images are aerial shots of the downtown and subdivision areas of Jacksonville. Fisher also took photographs of several crime scenes, fires, and traffic accidents for the Clerk of the Court in Duval County that are included in this collection.

Among the images in this collection are stores, restaurants, banks, automobile dealerships, service stations, diaper cleaning services, and other businesses; clubs, churches, choirs, charitable organizations and bands; construction sites and equipment; railroad train engines, crews, passenger cars, freight cars, tracks, yards, and terminals; other transportation images, including cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, ships and boats, and planes; residences, including private homes, apartments, and housing projects; crime scenes such as traffic accidents, robberies, and murders; and advertising displays for banks, stores, food manufacturers, and other businesses.

Historical Note:

Robert E. Fisher worked as a photographer for various agencies and newspapers in Jacksonville, Florida, including the Jacksonville Journal between 1941 and 1961. He specialized in aerial images and those of traffic accidents. The collection was acquired from a photographic collector in Jacksonville.