Then and Now - Project Directions

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Now that you've started thinking about the project, let's get to work. You need to:

  1. Select a theme (people, place, or thing) relating to your community.
  2. Search the theme for old photos
    This can be done by searching the Florida Memory Photographic Collection (be sure to jot down the web address of the specific photo), or from your own resources.
  3. Re-Photograph that same theme as it is today (by using any kind of camera).
  4. Use the form below to describe the photographs.

Train Then Train Now

Photos provided here for a sample. Replace them with your own photos.

Name: __________________________________________________________________

Class: ___________________________________________________________________

What is the old photo? _____________________________________________________

Where did you get it? ______________________________________________________

What is the new photo? _____________________________________________________

Why did you choose your theme? _____________________________________________