Treaty of Moultrie Creek, 1823

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Treaty of Moultrie Creek, 1823 (page 1)

conveyed in fee simple, as a present to said Stephen Richards. The commissioners accord in sentiment with the undersigned chiefs and warriors, and recommend a compliance with their wishes to the President and Senate of the United States; but the disapproval, on the part of the said authorities, of this article, shall, in no wise, affect the other articles and stipulations concluded on in this treaty.

In testimony whereof, the commissioners, William P. Duval, James Gadsden, and Bernard Segui, and the undersigned chiefs and warriors, have hereunto subscribed their names and affixed their seals. Done at camp on Moultrie creek, in the territory of Florida, this eighteenth day of September, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-three, and of the independence of the United States the forty-eighth.

William P. Duval       Wokse Holata, his x mark
James Gadsden       Amathla Ho, his x mark
Bernard Segui       Holatefiscico, his x mark
Nea Mathla, his x mark       Chefiscico Hajo, his x mark
Tokose Mathla, his x mark       Lathloa Mathla, his x mark
Ninnee Homata Tustenuky, his x mark       Senufky, his x mark
Miconope, his x mark       Alak Hajo, his x mark
Nocosee Ahola, his x mark       Fahelustee Hajo, his x mark
John Blunt, his x mark       Octahamico, his x mark
Otlemata, his x mark       Tusteneck Hajo, his x mark
Tuskeeneha, his x mark       Okoskee Amathla, his x mark
Tuski Hajo, his x mark       Ocheeny Tustenuky, his x mark
Econchatimico, his x mark       Phillip, his x mark
Emoteley, his x mark       Charley Amathla, his x mark
Mulatto King, his x mark       John Hoponey, his x mark
Mulatto King, his x mark       Rat Head, his x mark
Chocholohano, his x mark       Holatta Amathla, his x mark
Ematlochee, his x mark       Foshatchimico, his x mark

Signed, sealed, and delivered, in the presence of—

George Murray, secretary to the commission,
G. Humphreys, Indian agent,
Stephen Richards, interpreter,
Isaac N. Cox,
J. Erving, captain, Fourth Artillery,
Harvey Brown, lieutenant, Fourth Artillery,
C. D’Espinville, lieutenant, Fourth Artillery,
Jno. B. Scott, lieutenant, Fourth Artillery,
William Travers,
Horatio S. Dexter.

Additional Article

[Sept. 18, 1823.]

[7 Stat., 226. Additional Article]

Whereas Neo Mathla, John Blunt, Tuski Hajo, Mulatto King, Emathlochee, and Econchatimico, six of the principal Chiefs of the Florida Indians, and parties to the treaty to which this article has been annexed, have warmly appealed to the Commissioners for permission to remain in the district of country now inhabited by them; and, in consideration of their friendly disposition, and past services to the United States, it is, therefore, stipulated, between the United States and the aforesaid Chiefs, that the following reservations shall be surveyed, and marked by the Commissioner, or Commissioners, to be appointed under the 8th article of this Treaty: For the use of Nea Mathla and his connections, two miles square, embracing the Tuphulga village, on the waters of Rocky Comfort Creek. For Blunt and Tuski Hajo, a reservation, commencing on the Apalachicola, one mile below Tuski Hajo’s improvements, running up said river four miles; thence, west, two miles; thence, southerly, to a point two miles due west of the beginning; thence, east, to the beginning point. For Mulatto King and Emathlochee, a reservation, commencing on the Apalachicola, at a point to include Yellow Hair’s improvements; thence, up said river, for four miles; thence, west, one mile; thence, southerly, to a point one mile west of the beginning; and thence, east, to the beginning point. For Econ-