The Lucreaty Clark slide and tape show It'll Be Gone When I'm Gone is a part of the Florida Folklife Collection at the State Archives of Florida. The audio recording, transcript and photographs on this web site come from this slide and tape show.

At the time the recording was made, Lucreaty Clark was the last known living white oak basket maker in the state of Florida. She thought the tradition would die when she died. But her grandson, Alphonso Jennings, became interested and learned the craft from her.

The taped and transcribed interviews covered white oak basket making in great detail. Lucreaty Clark also talked about her life, games she played as a child, food she remembered, her family, and her religion.


Clark described white oak basketry in great detail in the tape from the slide-tape show called It'll Be Gone When I'm Gone. She also discussed her life, including games she played as a child, food she remembered eating, her family, and her religious practices.

Using a worksheet from the National Archives and Records Administration, students will analyze the audio recording of Lucreaty Clark.


Students will:

  • listen to the recording from It'll Be Gone When I'm Gone.
  • evaluate the recording using a sound recording analysis worksheet.
  • discuss their findings.

Materials Needed

Lesson Plan

Have students listen to the recording and complete the Sound Recording Analysis Worksheets. Then have students discuss their findings.

Why were they baskets made – for what purpose? Who used them? Where? When? What does that tell us about life in North Florida at that time? What else can we learn about life in North Florida at this time from these recordings?


A rubric based on the student's document analysis worksheet.