What Uncle Sam Asks of You
General Orders for the Home Front

From: State Defense Council, Subject files, 1940-1946, Series 419

This document was compiled by the Office of War Information in cooperation with State Defense Council of Florida. It explains the rationing system in place at the time.

What Uncle Sam Asks of You

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What Uncle Sam Asks of You


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New Service obtainable only on war priority. War agencies have priority on calls and private conversation may be interrupted.


Service has been stopped on congratulations, felicitations and holiday greetings; also on message; shopping and all other non-wire service.




War Labor Board must approve general increase of wages or salaries, by employer of more than 8, above Oct. 3, 1942 level on wages; Oct. 27 on salaries. Exceptions: individual promotions, and increases up to 40 cents per hour. Employers may grant wage increases or employers and unions may agree to raise wages up to 40 cents an hour without first applying to either the Regional Director, War Labor Board of the National Board for approval. The Regional Director, War Labor Board, Atlanta, may approve increases up to 50 cents an hour without referring to the Board for approval. Questions concerning wages or salaries may be referred to Wages and Hours Division, Labor Department, Federal Bldg, Jacksonville, Florida for proper handling.




War Manpower Commission assists in getting the right worker into the right job. Employers and employees may appeal to this office for assistance. Questions concerning transfer from one mob to another, operations of 48-hour work week in 32 labor-short areas in U.S. are referred to this office. U.S. Employment offices are agents of War Manpower Commission. Jacksonville area under supervision of Albert Vor Keller, Manpower commissioner. Tampa area under supervision of Henry C. Megill, commissioner. Tallahassee area under supervision of State Director, U.S. Employment Service.