What Uncle Sam Asks of You
General Orders for the Home Front

From: State Defense Council, Subject files, 1940-1946, Series 419

This document was compiled by the Office of War Information in cooperation with State Defense Council of Florida. It explains the rationing system in place at the time.

What Uncle Sam Asks of You

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What Uncle Sam Asks of You


add tire purchase - page 5

Holder of C book or bulk user must have had first inspection by February 28 and every three months afterward.



Must be recorded, get blank from auto dealer, tire or service station. Consult War Price and Rationing Board.


Affix sticker for highest amount of gasoline ration allowed to windshield--just highest sticker. New, larger "C" sticker shows on face why issued. Get sticker with ration book.


U.S. Treasury Use Tax Stamp must be affixed to car. Buy at Post Office on $5 a year basis.




$10,000 fine, 10 years in federal prison or both maximum for false statement, or representation to any agency of U.S. Government; loss of privileges is minimum policy.




Save all old or unusable metals, rubber, rags. Give to Defense Council, Schools, Boy Scouts, etc., or sell to junkman. Strain and save cooking grease and meat fat in tin cans--coffee cans preferred--sell to meat market; top price is 4-cents.

Save unusable silk and nylon hose; launder, donate to U.S. by delivering to hosiery counter of your clothing store. Consult--Hosiery dealer.


Preserve all surplus foods. Extra sugar rations for canning obtainable. Consult - Demonstration Agents; join 4-H of Home Demonstration club; attend Defense Council Consumers Interest forums.