What Uncle Sam Asks of You
General Orders for the Home Front

From: State Defense Council, Subject files, 1940-1946, Series 419

This document was compiled by the Office of War Information in cooperation with State Defense Council of Florida. It explains the rationing system in place at the time.

What Uncle Sam Asks of You

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What Uncle Sam Asks of You


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Fuel Oil

Coupon 4 expired April 6. Coupon 5 valid March 7 to September 30. Unit is 10 gallons. Supplementary Ration – If there are children under 4 years of age in family, 50 gallons; if members are sick, what is needed on basis of doctor’s certificate. Consult rationing board. These regulations probably will not hold good during summer months.

Fruits & Vegetables

Canned, frozen, dried products being sold on “point” coupons of ration book No. 2. Blue stamps lettered D, E, and F may be used through April 30. These stamps have a total of 46 points. If there is any overlapping of stamps for May, this fact will be announced during the latter part of April. Dried prunes, raisins, dates and figs, not hermetically sealed are removed from list of rationed foods. Point values of other articles have been reduced. Grocer has list of correct point values. Changes are announced in papers.

Meats, Fats, Oil, Cheese, Fish

Rationing of all types of pork, beef, lamb, mutton, and butter, lard, other edible fats and oils, cheese and canned fish began March 29 under “point” system on red coupons in No. 2 Ration Book. Each person has sixteen points per week. If unused during the first week they may be accumulated and used during the second, third or fourth week. All stamps for April must be used during April, however, or they expire. Stamps may not be used in advance of their valid date. Red A stamps became valid March 29; Red B stamps became valid April 4; Red C stamps April 11; Red D stamps, April 18. A, B, C, D stamps are valid to April 30.

Poultry, game, fresh fish, cream cheese, and cottage cheese will not be rationed. Dried peas, beans, and lentils for use as seed will not require ration coupons.