Women Drivers and Motercycle Riders

(Series 1316)

Women Drivers and Motercycle Riders

Hygeia Coca-Cola Bottling Works, Inc.


Pensacola, Florida

Post Office Drawer 551

April 29, 1942


Mr. Guy Allen, Chairman, M.E. and T.,

Hillsboro Hotel,

Tampa, Florida

Dear Mr. Allen:

In regard to your telegram, I have at the present time 28 women drivers, most of whom have qualified for First Aid and are taking other necessary courses at this time. I have been able to get only 25 taxicabs promised but I will work to get more in the near future.

I have enlisted 12 motor cycle riders, which I believe are worth more to us as messengers than as escorts to transportation units. There are only about 30 motor cycles in this County, many of which are owned by Navy personnel. In using these men as messengers I believe they will be of more value than escorting a motor truck unit. If you disagree on this subject please give me more detail.

As you know, I have been at this job only a short time and am having to do all the work myself. Not very long ago I wrote a letter to all committee heads and received an answer, on a request, from only five. This is typical of the complacent attitude of the Pensacola people.

I realize the importance of preparedness but it is difficult to make the population here, away from actual submarine sinkings and similar disasters, realize there is a war going on.

Yours sincerely,


Brown Rainwater, Chairman

Transportation and Communications

Escambia County Defense Council