Student Letter in Favor of Busing to Desegregate Schools in Florida

From: Press Section correspondence, 1971-1978, Florida. Governor (1971-1979 : Askew), Series S 70, Box 4, Folder “Education, Bussing Correspondence 1”

Reply from Governor Askew to student

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Reply from Governor Askew to student

April 5, 1972

[Student name redacted]
[Student address redacted]

Dear [Student name redacted]:

Just a note to express my deep appreciation for the letter you wrote to me during the recent Florida primary. It is particularly reassuring to me to know that young people such as you are growing up with a much better understanding of each other than members of my own generation enjoyed. This understanding, I believe, offers tremendous hope for the future of our great country and its people.

Again, thank you for a beautiful letter.