Student Letter in Favor of Busing to Desegregate Schools in Florida

From: Press Section correspondence, 1971-1978, Florida. Governor (1971-1979 : Askew), Series S 70, Box 4, Folder “Education, Bussing Correspondence 1”


In 1954 the Supreme Court unanimously decided that school segregation was unconstitutional. The actual process of school desegregation continued into the early seventies.

Letter from student to Governor Askew

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Letter from student to Governor Askew (page 1)

Feb. 21, 1972

Dear Sir,

I’m writing this letter because I think everyone has the wrong idea. Being bussed is fun! A little inconvenient sometimes, but it’s fun. All the Grown-ups are complaining about bussing; what do they know? We’re the ones who are being bussed!

I’m all for integration. I’ve met some great friends. It’s a great experience; you meet a lot of different kinds of people. You also learn a lot of things about life that you probably wouldn’t learn in a segregated school. Things that you really must know. I am now at Nathan B. Young, Junior High School and I have innumerable Black friends. And I don’t think I would want to go back to segregated school again.

Sincerely yours,
[Signature redacted]
Age 12, 7th grade.