Student Letter Against Busing to Desegregate Schools in Florida

From: Press Section correspondence, 1971-1978, Florida. Governor (1971-1979 : Askew), Series S 70, Box 4, Folder “Education, Bussing Correspondence 1”

Reply from Governor Askew to student

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Reply from Governor Askew to student

May 1, 1972

[Student name redacted]
[Student address redacted]

Dear [Student name redacted]:

Your letter of April 18 has been received and read with interest. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

How this State or any other State in the Union can achieve an equality of educational opportunities without busing children is the big question. I am firmly convinced that it cannot be realized through a return to the dual school system. I realize the situation now is certainly less than satisfactory in many respects, but if you and your children are to grow up in a better world, we must find a way to break the cycle of poverty and poor education in which so many find themselves today. In no way have I advocated busing ad finitum but as an instrument of change–artificial and inadequate as it may be.

Enclosed is a copy of my remarks to the students at Florida State University prior to the March vote. I hope you will read it and perhaps understand my position a little more thoroughly.

Your continued interest in our administration will be most appreciated.

With warm regards,