Student Letter Against Busing to Desegregate Schools in Florida

From: Press Section correspondence, 1971-1978, Florida. Governor (1971-1979 : Askew), Series S 70, Box 4, Folder “Education, Bussing Correspondence 1”


In 1954 the Supreme Court unanimously decided that school segregation was unconstitutional. The actual process of school desegregation continued into the early seventies.

Letter from student to Governor Askew

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Letter from student to Governor Askew

Dear Governor Askew,

I am a Jr. High student and will be bussed to a Sr. High, 55 blocks away in the fall, as I will be in 10th grade. I would like to say that I think the Supreme Court and School Boards are very, very wrong!

In Civics, we are studying democracy and would like to quote two statements from the book; What You Need to Know About Democracy and Why.

“__ for democracy serves no man except as it serves every man.” P. 186

“Democracy’s great strength derives from a basic precept: the individual is more important [than] the system under which he lives.” P. 184

If the individual is more important, then why do children (over)


have to be bussed!! Especially forcibly!!

This country is going from a democracy to a communism! While those men in the Supreme Court are sitting there, smoking cigars, and okaying this and that for bussing, there are children of all ages being bussed from here to who knows where? It just isn’t fair. They complain about how they want equal education. Well, if they would quit spending all that money on busses and all the junk and put the money into the schools that need it, then we’d have equal education.

All the men of the Supreme Court should put themselves and their children, instead of putting them into private schools, in our place they wouldn’t like it either! Getting up at 5:30 A.M., leaving 6:30 A.M., walking 12 or 13 blocks for a bus, etc. Especially when 8 or 9 more blocks, there is a perfectly good Senior High or any school for each age.

You’ll probably just ignore this letter, throw it in the trash, or give just tell your secretary to take care of it; if she sees it first and does it for you.

Go ahead, but if I don’t get an answer I’ll write unil I get a decent answer.

Many friends, parents, and kids hold my views, so JUST THINK ABOUT IT.

[Signature redacted]    15 years old