Florida in World War II

Florida Memory

Florida During World War II
This unit uses primary sources from the collections of the State Library and Archives of Florida to introduce major themes, events, and individuals related to Florida’s role in World War II.

Women Who Serve
This photo exhibit recognizes women in Florida who have served the state in numerous ways over the generations, from military service to medical care to law enforcement to fire and rescue services.

State Library of Florida

Bibliography: Florida During World War II
In 2015, the Florida Department of State began its Victory Florida campaign to help honor the role Floridians played in World War II. This guide from the State Library of Florida explores Florida's wartime history and heritage.

Florida Heritage Trail Series

The Florida World War II Heritage Trail, a 72-page guidebook, includes color and archival photographs of Florida sites related to World War II, and biographical sketches of many men and women who played a significant role during the war.

Florida Center for Instructional Technology

Florida Goes to War: The Sunshine State in World War II
This site includes resources on the military, race, economics, the role of women, pre- and post-war statistics, and oral history interviews with Florida WW II veterans.

Florida During World War II
Exploring Florida has a set of reproducible readings, questions, and activity sheets for an upper elementary study of Florida History. The PDF files are designed to print and photocopy well.

Florida State University

Institute on WWII and the Human Experience
The focus of the Institute on World War II and the Human Experience is collecting and preserving the memories of the men and women who lived and served during the WWII era and the immediate post-war period.

Library of Congress

On the Homefront: American During World War I and World War II
Even though World Wars I and II did not take place on American soil, both wars were fought in multiple ways on the American homefront. By studying these primary source historical documents, students can begin to understand how citizens of all ages, families and businesses pitched in to help fight for freedom abroad.

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Florida Electronic Library (FEL)
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Publication of Archival Library & Museum Materials (PALMM)
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