Gemini program summary

Gemini program summary

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  • Gemini program summary

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  • PR10169


  • Between 1964 and 1966

Date Note

  • April 8, 1964 to November 11, 1966.

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  • The first Gemini flight on May 8, 1964 was unmanned with no recovery to demonstrate the structural compatibilty of the spacecraft and the launch vehicle. First manned flight Gemini 3 on March 23, 1965, was to check out maneuverability, evaluate world-wide tracking and the space craft recovery system. Final flight began on November 11, 1966, and lasted four days. Gemini 12 sought additional information about extravehicular activity requirements, rendezvous and dock activities. Impact was 3.8 miles from the planned point, the astronauts were picked up by helicopter and taken to the deck of the USS Wasp 30 minutes after they landed.
  • Gemini 4, June 3-7, 1965 was the first to participate in extravehicular activity. The hatch was open for 36 minutes and White was outside for 20 minutes. High Altitude photography became possible with Gemini 11 which attained the highest altitude in a manned flight. Gemini docked with Agena which boosted the two into an elliptical orbit with an apogee of 853 miles and a perigee of 179 miles.

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  • 1 photonegative - color - 3 x 5 in.

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Gemini program summary
Gemini program summary

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Gemini program summary

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Gemini program summary

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