Statement to the Press, 1957

Statement to the Press, 1957



Re: Disciplinary Action

John Boardman

Saturday january 26, 1957

It has long been the policy of the University to give no publicity to disciplinary actions having to do with students. this police has been maintained in the interest of the individual student who has been the subject of disciplinary action. Should the student release such information, the University may feel obliged to give the pertinent facts to the public.

Disciplinary action was consummated today with respect to Mr. John Boardman, a graduate student at the University concerning a matter which transpired during the month of December. Since Mr. Boardman has just issued a statement concerning this action, the University feels that it is necessary to state the facts.

In December, Mr. Boardman violated the regulation of the University which provides that meetings may not be held on the campus in which the races are mixed. Specifically, Mr. Boardman invited students from the A. & M. University to attend a party given by the students International Club. This was done despite the fact that Mr. Boardman was told explicitly by an officer of the Dean's office that such action would be in violation of the University regulations.

While this matter was under consideration for final action, Mr. Boardman engaged in public statements through the press which were misleading and untrue regarding the actions of the Dean of Men. When asked specifically whether in the future he would be willing to abide by the regulations he stated that he had no intention of abiding by any regulation of the Board of Control regarding racial tensions.

After full investigation of this young man's actions and of his continued attitude ignoring Board of Control regulation, the Committee came to the conclusion that it had no choice but to ask him to withdraw from the University as of the close of the semester. The concession regarding the time of the suspension was made in order that he might secure his credits.


State Archives of Florida: Series 1360, Box 20, Folder 41


Statement to the press regarding the disciplinary action against John Boardman dated January 26, 1957.


January 26, 1957


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General Note

In December 1956, John Boardman, a white PhD student Florida State University, invited three black international Florida A&M University students to an FSU International Students Club Christmas party on the FSU campus. As a result, Boardman was not allowed to re-enroll at FSU.