Tampa's honor roll.

Tampa's honor roll.

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  • PR79104


  • ca 1918

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General Note

  • Names listed (left column): "Thomas Hooten Hill, J. G. Nelson, Frederick Eugene Turner, Tod Ford Gillett, Douglas Gammon, George W. Berriman, Emmett L. Simmons, Preston Fields, Alfred Joseph Pedersen, Edmond C. Jochumsem, Louis Torres, Marion L. Perritt, Luther Wells, Joseph A. Lowe, Charles W. Middleton, Jimmie Adams, Algy K. Bevins, Arthur L. Bevins, Leonard R. Bozeman, W.R. Bozeman, Walter R. Connell, H.A. Carmichael, J.G. Darnou, Cecil Emerson, Charles E. Gavin."
  • Center column: "Vincenzo Guerriero, Will Holland, E.D. Legree, Frederick Mansfield, Angus McLean, J.D. Nix, Robert Norwood, R.G. Robertson, Wamboldt Sumner, Homer Sumner, Louis F. Vaughn, Charles S. Wilson, Armando Leon, Allen L.M. Menomy, Lee Holloway, Henry P. Clayton, Leo J. Wiggins, Herbert C. Wooten, Donald D. Ansley, Coke P. Coleman, Wm. S. Taylor Jr., Percy Hurn, Sam W. Middleton, J.W. Hatton."
  • Right column: "Millard F. Owens, R.L. Lyles, Stephen B. Ward, Donald Griffin, Andrew Johns, St. Clair Jones, Jack L. Brantley, Britton Francis, Chester Hanks, Cora Lee Davis, Eric Culbreath, John F. Bryan, Chas. S. Peoples, Napoleon B. Wilson, Patrick C. White, Raymond Cabrera, Marcello Gonzalez, Stanley V. Tillis, Lyfle C. Louden, Del Finley, R.E. Cordova, Fred C. Banta, Luis Pumorega, Clarence E. Perkins, Rufus M. Tounsley."


    Biography Note

  • After the entry of the United States into the First World War, Algy and his brother Arthur enlisted into the US Coast Guard and served aboard the USCGC Tampa. The Tampa was a Coast Guard cutter serving on convoy duty with the US Navy in Europe when it disappeared into a fog bank and exploded with the loss of all hands after being torpedoed by a German U-boat.

Physical Description

  • 1 photoprint - b&w - 4 x 3 in.

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  • Location: 20934E.

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Tampa's honor roll.
Tampa's honor roll.

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Tampa's honor roll.

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Tampa's honor roll. ca 1918. Black & white photoprint, 4 x 3 in. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory. <https://www.floridamemory.com/items/show/324709>, accessed 22 May 2019.


Tampa's honor roll. ca 1918. Black & white photoprint. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory. Accessed 22 May. 2019.<https://www.floridamemory.com/items/show/324709>.

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