John E. Seamen et. al v. Schooner Forester and Cargo

John E. Seamen et. al v. Schooner Forester and Cargo

Lower Court

  • Franklin County


  • 1839


  • 476


  • 865


Great peril and was in constant danger of damage and loss when going to said Forester and while engaged in saving her and cargo. That the said Libellant with the said Schooner Orleans and men employed as aforesaid was engaged in saving said Forester and Cargo and showing the same away from the morning of the twenty fifth of said month of Sept. as before stated up to the evening of the tenth of October following that, without the timely assistance herein before pleased that said Schooner Forester and Cargo could not have been saved, for that previous to Libellant going to her assistance the said A.H. Stevens master as aforesaid with the assistance of his crew and passengers had used their utmost exertions to get her off at different times without success and if it being impossible to procure the assistance of any other Lighter or vessel besides the said Orleans there being no other at that time in the said Port of Apalachicola and the crew said Schooner Forester being much fatigued and worse out with their unsuccessful labor and efforts as aforesaid she was entirely subject as before alleged to the waves and winds.

That by reason of the said Libellant master and agent as aforesaid with said Schooner having saved the said Forester and Cargo as aforesaid a large amount of freight to wit {blank} dollars has been saved to the owners of said Schooner Forester as well as {blank} dollars to the owners of the cargo.

That the said Libellant Master and Agent as aforesaid by reason of the great risk and hazard they saw to himself, crew and Schooner and the service he performed in saving said Forester and cargo, deserve and are justly entitled to, meet and competent salvage for such service as aforesaid out of said Schooner Forester he tackle, apparel and furniture and the cargo